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Preventive Dentistry

Preventive dentistry involves two components of dental care. This will help to avoid dental disease, or to catch it in its early, and more treatable stages. The first component involves your oral hygiene. The second is done here by our professional dental staff to help you maintain healthy teeth and gums.

A comprehensive dental exam will be performed by one of our dentists on your first visit, and at scheduled check-up exams.


Dental sealants are plastic coatings that help protect teeth from decay.

Healthy Teeth
Fluoride Treatment

This treatment contains a high concentration of fluoride to improve the health of your teeth and reduce the risk of cavities.

Home Care Advice

By practicing good at-home oral care you preserve your smile and also, Prevent decay and cavities.

Tooth With Cavity
Avoiding Bad Habits

And how you can break them in order to practice good dental care.

Examination Of Diagnostic X-rays
Old Lady Taking Emergency Dental Treatment

Stop the development of oral disease

Find oral disease at an early stage

Look for early signs

Of periodontal disease, dental decay, and other changes in the soft tissue of the mouth.

Avoid dental disease, or to catch it in its early

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Preventive dentistry is the modern way of helping you keep a healthy mouth.  The two main causes of tooth loss are decay and gum disease.

Our aim to prevent tooth decay, gum disease and the unfortunate cycle of fillings and extractions. We always offer our patients advice to help prevent tooth wear from erosion and reduce the risk of oral cancer.

We look for early signs of periodontal disease, dental decay, and other changes in the soft tissue of the mouth that could lead to oral cancer.

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